Data Protection

Data Protection Appliances


With Dell EMC RecoverPoint, gain continuous data protection with multiple recovery points to restore applications instantly to a specific point in time.

Data Domain

Transforms backup, recovery and archiving with fast data deduplication.

Integrated Data Protection Appliance

The Dell EMC IDPA is a purpose-built, turnkey appliance that converges protection storage, software, search and analytics in a single appliance—providing data protection across the widest ecosystem of applications, with native Cloud Tier for long-term retention and Cloud DR. It offers 10X faster time-to-protect than multi-vendor solutions, 20% faster backups than the closest competitor, industry-leading 55:1 (avg.) deduplication rate, and is guaranteed.

Data Protection for VMware

Data Protection Software

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines

Protect your VMware VMs with Dell EMC’s RecoverPoint software: a hypervisor-based, software-only disaster recovery solution for Virtual Machines.


Ensure fast, secure backup and recovery for cloud, remote offices, desktops, laptops, and data center with client-side data reduplication.

Data Protection Advisor

Automate backup and replication analysis and prove recoverability with Dell EMC Data Protection Advisor.


Unify backup with a wide range of data protection options that simplify and speed recovery across cloud, physical and virtual environments.

Data Protection Suites

Data Protection Enterprise Edition

Comprehensive protection for enterprise organizations of all sizes; includes continuous data protection, backup and recovery, snapshot-based backup, and archive.

Data Protection Suite for Applications

Empower application owners with control and visibility of their data protection while meeting SLAs through faster backup and recovery, monitoring and analysis, and copy data management.

Data Protection Suite for Archive

Advanced information archiving to improve operational efficiency, enable governance, and facilitate rapid response to discovery requests.

Data Protection Suite

Simplify the purchase, implementation, and use of Dell EMC backup and archive software while lowering costs and protecting investments.

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