Our Exceptional People

At Interact, we are keen to maintain an environment that respects all differences, ideas, skills which reflects positively on our business and delivers high-quality service to our different customers.

We are proud that our people have a variety of talents, strengths, knowledge and skills that directly impact on having a workplace built on motivation, commitment, collaboration, and power to reach improved business performance.

Let us introduce our exceptional employees who have followed many paths to reach Interact and continuously move forward to improve their career. Their success contributes to our increasingly growing overall success and our many accomplishments.

Manage your business not your printers by our HP managed printing services (MPS)

Maged Makram
Maged MakramMPS Projects Solution Architect - Interact

We are always looking for a new and distinctive service to maintain our leadership of HP Imaging and Printing Business solutions

Remon Fouad
Remon FouadImaging and Printing Unit Team Leader - Interact

Building trust with our partners is our ultimate goal

Magued Shenouda
Magued ShenoudaSenior Sales Account Manager - Interact

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