Managed Print Services

Managed print services (MPS) delivers printing, scanning and copying capabilities not through a set of products, but as a complete service. The deployment and management of all the hardware is managed by Interact.  Moreover, it handles consumables and maintenance, in addition to a print and document strategy, advice and support.


Providing a wide range solutions of Network Printers, Centralized Printers and Copiers, Large Format Printers and Copiers, Local Printers, Scanners and Large Format Scanners, Managed Print Services to cover all your needs to optimize your workflow, workspace and your budget.

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Software MPS


The role of software in the MPS is very essential as it can enrich your services by:

  • Applying rules and policies on the printed jobs.
  • Secure the documents release on the devices.
  • Monitor the devices from a centralized place.
  • Prohibit the unauthorized usage of the Devices.
  • Provide detailed reports on every aspect of your printing cycle.

And there is a lot more.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Interact also provides several types of Service Contracts and agreements including or excluding Spare parts and PPU “Pay-Per-Use” contracts. Therefore, the service contracts will be tailored according to your needs and requirements ensuring optimum support.

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Managed Print Services Approach

Interact offers comprehensive approach to MPS to be delivered through flexible, modular service offerings thatare organized into three stages: Design, Transition, and Manage.

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