Why print management?

  • Gartner Group estimates that companies spend 1-3% of their annual revenue on their print environment.
  • MFPs/MFDs are integrated parts of document input/output processes in almost any company, influencing workflows and employee productivity.
  •  Document security and confidentiality become increasingly important since more and more intelligence is built into MFPs/MFDs.

A Benefit to the Entire Organization

Cost control is a challenge

  • Lack of central procurement policies and standards regarding preferred printer vendors and models supported by IT may be costly.
  • Users and departments buy any printer whenever they need one, and then expect central IT to support it.
  • Users prefer personal printers because it allows them to print whenever they want without the risk of losing confidential documents.
  • Without central document accounting, you will not be able to measure and control costs.
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Document security is always an issue

  • Lack of overall company policy regarding document handling and security.
  • Free access to all networked printers allowing anybody to print, copy, fax, scan or e-mail free of charge.
  • People often forget having printed a document, even confidential documents. Adding to the piles in the printer room, they might fall into the wrong hands.

The need for efficiency

  • Without clearly defined standards IT ends up supporting different printers, print drivers, and purchasing different types of consumables.
  • Scarce IT resources spend valuable time supporting a dispersed printer fleet that may not support the business and the way employees work.
  • Traditional printing does not allow users to print when and where they want – printed documents do not wait for the user to collect them.

The challenge of sustainable printing

  • No overall company policy regarding sustainable printing.
  • Regretted print jobs are printed with no chance to stop them at the printer, and forgotten print jobs pile up in the printer room.
  • Users are not always aware of the cost of printing, which is why they often print unnecessary online content, print draft documents in color, or do not use duplex printing and other functions that reduce paper and toner waste.

How SafeCom Smart Printing meets these challenges

Cost Control

Reduce costs by 40%

  • Cut operational costs
  • Optimize print infrastructure

Supports the way you work

  • Print anytime, anywhere
  • Free up IT resources

Protect output and devices

  • Confidential printing
  • Avoid unauthorized use

Solutions for a better world

  • Reduce waste
  • Sustainable print environment

Software Modules and Components

Pull Print

SafeCom Pull Print is synonymous with confidential and secure printing. Documents are less likely to end up in the wrong hands, and employees do not have to rush to the printer to collect their documents before someone else takes them. Besides ensuring confidentiality, SafeCom Pull Print can cut costs of paper and supplies up to 15%.


SafeCom Tracking collects and stores all information concerning print and copy, scan, fax and e-mail. SafeCom Tracking collects very detailed information about each registered document and provides the foundation for obtaining an overview of all print activities in the organization on a per department or application level – even down to individual user activity.

Rule Based Printing

The Rule Based Printing module ensures that printing is done according to company print policies as communicated to the users, e.g., that e-mails and online content are automatically printed in duplex and with toner save settings, or that print jobs are automatically redirected to the printer best suited for the task all to save time and money.

Mobile Print

Many people perform much of their work on the road, using devices such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets. Mobile Print allows users to remotely submit documents for printing, and output them later when they reach a printer on the company network.

Mobile Pull Print

Companies can enable more printers with Pull Print functionality. Using their smart phone, users scan a QR code label on any MFP enabled with Mobile Pull Print, thus identifying themselves at the device. Then, they access their pending print jobs through the phone’s web browser and send their print order.


SafeCom Encryption is a standard feature of SafeCom Pull Print. It guarantees that documents and data cannot be misused or read while they travel through the network.


Authentication takes place when a user steps up to a printer and identifies him- or herself as a recognized and approved user of the system and output device. There are various ways to do this such as through login code or an ID card. In addition, SafeCom authentication enables secure integration with other enterprise applications and workflows through single sign-on.

Smart Scan

A simple and secure way for users to scan documents on MFPs and have them delivered directly into a folder on their own PC. Users can access and download their files through a Smart Scan client application or through a web browser.


SafeCom Reports graphically illustrate print, copy activities in the organization, and provide a fact-based foundation for decision making regarding print policies or utilization and placement of printers and MFPs. Moreover, the SafeCom Save-O-Meter helps organizations keep track of their actual environmental savings and exhibit these to the whole company.


One of the challenges associated with the introduction of new IT systems is their integration into the existing IT infrastructure. SafeCom Administrator API is specifically designed to make this process easier by automating tasks while integrating SafeCom with other applications.

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